Getting a CCW in Orange County is a great start to ensuring safety for yourself and for the people around you. However, being able to carry a concealed weapon isn’t always an easy process. Here are several things you must know before applying for a licensed permit:

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  • You Must Know How to Properly Use a Firearm

This should definitely go without saying. A firearm can be a great tool to use to protect yourself but it can be dangerous if handled improperly. In this case, the best way to learn how to use one properly is to enroll in a firearm and safety training in Orange County, CA. Orange County is the leading state with the highest number of CCW licenses issued. Enrolling in these courses is a great way to get the insight you need with regard to gun laws in the country.

  • Compile All Required Documents

Remember to gather every document that is needed for the application, which can include the following:

• Proof of Citizenship

• Proof of Billing Address (must be a resident of Orange County, CA)

• Statement of “Good Cause”

  • Conceal when in Public

Firearms should not be used for intimidation and other negative factors. Make sure to keep your firearm sealed when in public and only use it on dangerous situations. This will help you abide by the state’s laws on gun control.

  • Carry ONLY Handguns

Ontario CCW licenses are only applicable for handgun. Handguns, or pistols, are firearms that can be easily carried around, as well as conceal in a holster. Other firearms such as rifles and shotguns are handled with much stricter gun control protocols, which must be followed should you choose to possess such a weapon.

  • Make Sure the Safety is On

Above all, before even applying for a CCW in Orange County, one important thing you should always know is to keep the safety on at all times. A discharge of your firearm, accidental or not, can lead to disastrous consequences which can escalate from there.

Why Apply for a CCW?

Having a weapon with you at all times in an unsafe environment is a great way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm! As long as you remember these things before applying for such a license, you’ll be able to secure a CCW in no time!

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