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If you’re trying to choose between walk-in showers and tub conversion in Los Angeles to accommodate elderly family members, there are several factors you’ll need to consider. Each choice has its own pros and cons. Consider the following questions:

  • Is there already a tub at home?

If you already have an existing tub, it is easier to modify it instead of getting rid of it and starting a new.

  • Who is going to use the facilities?

Tubs are more ideal for households with children, babies, or toddlers. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, are a practical choice for families with elderly or disabled individuals.

  • How much space do you have?

The average size of most bathrooms is 40 square feet. A tub will occupy 15 square feet, while a walk-in shower takes up a smaller space at an average of 12 square feet. Measure your space before bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA to determine whether a tub conversion will fit.

  • How much can you afford?

Sometimes, it all boils down to your budget. Based on price alone, it can be cheaper to install a tub than build a walk-in shower. However, make sure to factor in the elements above instead of simply deciding based on cost.

Choosing Between Tub Conversion and Walk-In Showers

Once you’ve spent enough time on these questions, take a closer look at the needs of your elderly family members before proceeding with bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA. Keep in mind that many elderly individuals have limited mobility, and the fragility of their constitution can make maneuvering in tight spaces even trickier.

Walk-in showers simplify entering the bathing area for those who find it hard to move around on their own. On the other hand, tubs offer a more comfortable space for bathing, provided that they can lift their legs and enter the tub easily.

Therefore, your final choice depends on the capabilities of your home’s senior residents. Still not sure which one to go for? Ask the advice of a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles before your project begins.

3 More Elderly-Friendly Upgrades

Once you’ve decided whether to go for a walk-in shower or a tub conversion, consider adding a few more upgrades to enhance your bathroom’s safety:

  1. Safety rails

If you have elderly individuals at home, adding grab bars should be one of your top priorities. Install reliable grab bars along walls, near the shower, and just above the tub and toilet.

  1. Raised Toilet Seat

The logic behind a raised toilet seat is quite simple: it makes transitioning from a sitting to a standing position much easier for your loved one. This cheap and easy-to-install modification can go a long way.

  1. Non-Slip Mats

Speaking of simple yet effective modifications, non-slip mats are an important part of a safe bathroom. The majority of accidents involving the elderly in the bathroom are broken hips from falling due to trips and falls, and non-slip mats can reduce the risk of injuries.

Trust in Your Contractor for Senior-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

Safely upgrading your bathroom with a walk-in shower or a tub conversion in Los Angeles, requires an experienced and reliable contractor. Before agreeing to hire a bathroom renovation contractor, make sure to do your research to make sure that they have the skills needed to pull off each upgrade successfully.

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