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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to revamp your swimming pool for the season. The usual pool check includes cleaning up the water, filter systems, and plugs. Once you’ve checked these off, it’s time to pay attention to the material surrounding your pool area. Is it safe and beautiful enough for the endless pool fun to come? Make sure your poolside space is ready for your “beat the heat” escapades by covering it with the best synthetic grass in Stockton!

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pool Surrounds

Since it’s not alive, synthetic grass is impervious to water. No matter how much pool spillover soaks into its turf, there’s no risk of it getting sick or drowning. It’ll stay pristine and green throughout the year. Here are other ways artificial turf trumps real grass as a pool surround material:

  • Efficient Drainage

Puddles don’t form on top of synthetic grass thanks to its proprietary drainage. It automatically takes care of excess moisture, be it water overflow or sticky spillage, with its perforated backing. This feature eliminates the need to invest in drains, which is the case when you choose to pave your poolside areas.

  • Non-Slip

Unlike tiles and marble paving, top-quality green artificial grass in Stockton doesn’t get slippery when wet. This capability makes it an excellent choice for upping your poolside area’s safety. The synthetic turf’s soft, padded surface also absorbs impact in case of falls.

  • Dirt-Free

Since artificial grass covers the ground completely, there’s no chance of dirt and mud getting into your pool waters. This mud-free quality will help you keep your pool cleaner.

  • Durable

The best synthetic grass in Stockton won’t break under constant use, high foot traffic, and heavy equipment, so invite as many friends over as you want to enjoy your pool! Areas that receive high foot traffic may get matted over time, but don’t worry. It’s nothing a proper brushing can’t fix.

  • Weather Resistance

Artificial turf can also weather the elements without showing signs of wear and tear. If it rains or floods, just wait for the waters to recede and give the turf a good hosing down to clean it up. If it snows, just let your synthetic grass be. Wait for spring to melt the ice and snow, rinse the general area to get rid of debris buildup, and your installation will look good as new!

  • Easy to Maintain

It doesn’t take much to keep synthetic turf in top condition. Just remove waste from its surface, hose it down occasionally, and brush it to keep its grass blades upright. Feel free to wash it with a soap and water solution to get rid of lingering smells. Don’t worry, since this step won’t damage the turf or cause discoloration.

Enhance Your Swimming Pool Experience with Synthetic Turf

Spend less time maintaining your swimming pool area and more time enjoying it. Invest in top-quality artificial grass to maximize these advantages.

Want to up the fun factor of your pool surrounds? Why not integrate putting greens near Stockton into its design? Invite your friends over for a casual competition or practice your putts in between your pool periods. Call your trusted synthetic turf installer today to get started!

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