Green lawns and artificial wood pathways in garden

The best artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA can level up the aesthetics and functionality of your home. Not only does it effortlessly imitate the look and feel of the real thing, but it also simplifies lawn-related maintenance and expenses. It’s also not alive, so feel free to install it in various locations around your property!

5 Places to Install Artificial Turf Around Your Home

Synthetic grass is an incredibly versatile material. Aside from soil, you can install it on wood, tiles, concrete, and other types of surfaces. Consider using it to beautify these spaces around your home:

  1. Yards

Front and backyards are arguably the most popular location for artificial grass installations.

In these places, synthetic turf serves as a lush, evergreen, and low-maintenance alternative to the real thing. It retains the perfect color and height through the seasons, so there’s no need to mow, trim, or fertilize it. Use it to cover the entire yard or just a portion of it.

Does your yard have plants and trees? Fret not. Artificial grass will stay green and pristine, regardless of whether it’s in a shaded area or not.

  1. Pool Decks

Artificial grass is an ideal landscaping option for pool-side areas. It features a non-slip, impact-absorbing surface, an efficient drainage system, and incredible durability against water, high foot traffic, and constant use.

Because it does not need soil to thrive, natural, synthetic grass in Santa Rosa keeps dirt from getting into your pool. It also won’t break under foot traffic, so there’s no risk of loose grass blades finding their way into your waters.

  1. Play Areas

Synthetic turf is an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor playgrounds. It doesn’t need pesticides, herbicides, and weedicides to stay in top condition, which eliminates the risk of chemical exposure. It also provides cushioning for stumbles and falls and doesn’t leave any mud or grass stains on clothes.

Opting for synthetic grass will give your kids a durable, nonabrasive, and ultra-realistic playground that is built for hours of fun.

  1. Dog Runs

Pet owners love synthetic turf because of its incredible durability, which can withstand the antics of the naughtiest dogs. Since it’s not alive, artificial grass also makes it easier to clean up after pets, won’t get damaged from overexposure to pet waste, and doesn’t attract fleas, ticks, and other pests. The best artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA is also gentle on the paws.

  1. Walkways

Natural grass can be become worn over time, especially when placed in areas with heavy foot traffic like walkways. Synthetic turf provides an excellent alternative to this issue. With little to no maintenance needed, artificial grass stays green, dirt-free, and lush throughout the years. It looks good when paired with stones, concrete, asphalt, pebbles, and other hardscapes.

Revamp Your Residential Spaces with Artificial Turf

There’s a suitable synthetic grass for any part of your home that’s in for a makeover. Whether you are planning to build an outdoor haven for your pets or kids or create the putting green of your dreams, you can’t go wrong with top-quality artificial turf. Get in touch with a reliable artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa today and start breathing new life into your residential living spaces!

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