There are usually two cases that push people to consider burglar-proofing their home:

  • when someone has already gotten into their home; or
  • when one of their neighbor’s home was broken into, and the suspect is still on the loose.

Don’t wait for either of these scenarios to happen before setting up or reinforcing your home’s security measures. Google “burglar alarm companies near me” to find all the security and surveillance specialists in your vicinity. Then, follow the steps below to find the best among them.

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  • Narrow down your potential providers of anti-burglary systems.

First, establish all your options. Search “security companies in West Palm Beach Florida” or something similar, and take note of the results that appear in the first and second results pages. If you have neighbors who have burglar alarms, ask them for recommendations. Second, examine your potential security agencies. Check out their websites (if they have one) and find out:

• what security solutions they offer

• how long they’ve been providing security and surveillance systems

• who are the people in their security installation and maintenance team

• if the company is licensed

Research those that were recommended by your peers. Then, compare each company. Narrow down your options by disregarding those that:

• offer security packages or solutions for suspiciously low prices (if it’s too good to be true based on the offers of other providers, then it probably is)

• offer security packages or solutions that are ridiculously overpriced

• offer outdated systems and services

• are not forthcoming about the details of their prices and services

• seem shady (trust your gut!)

Once you’re done limiting your potential security agencies, schedule a consultation with who is left on your list.

  • Ask the right questions.

Don’t just ask about the systems and services that you think your home needs. Ask the company for their recommendations as well. Consider everything they say and don’t hesitate to ask for explanations or clarifications whenever necessary. Ask the following questions as well.

• Are you a member of a recognized security and/or surveillance association?

• What measures do you take to uphold your client’s privacy and security?

• How often do you update your security and/or surveillance system protocols?

• How often do you test your security and alarm systems?

• Do your security and/or surveillance systems and equipment have a warranty?

• What advanced features do your security and/or surveillance system and equipment have?

• What is your average response time to alarms?

• How long does the installation process take and what does it involve?

  • Be objective.

Remember, this is your home you’re securing. You can’t choose a provider of anti-burglary systems based on how cordial their consultant was or how beautiful their office is. Be objective. Base your choice on your observations and the information you gathered.

When it comes to security systems, only the best will do for your home. So, don’t settle on the first promising anti-burglary company that you come across. Follow these steps!

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