Since its inception in 1970, the EPA has grown to have a significant impact on how businesses operate in compliance with complicated regulations and environmental laws. This is even more important for enterprises that routinely have to dispose of hazardous waste. With the help of emergency spill response companies, businesses can benefit from keeping on top of the latest EPA trends and targets to keep their hazardous waste management efforts above the line.

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3 Ways to Keep Track of EPA Trends

EPA regulations continue to evolve. If companies don’t stay updated with new information, they run the risk of violating rules and guidelines, sometimes without being aware of it. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to keep abreast of EPA trends and targets when you take these steps:

  • Check out Envirofacts

The EPA website has a section called Envirofacts. Companies can use it to access data on environmental activities affecting land, water, and air anywhere in the country.

To view enforcement activities that can affect your area’s hazardous waste disposal, you can simply enter your zip code and view information from several agency databases.

Envirofacts is an excellent way to learn about enforcement updates that deal with radiation, waste, toxic releases, and other topics that affect how companies are supposed to dispose their hazardous materials.

Better yet, you can access numerous databases at the same time using a multi-search function. Check out categories like Air Emission Estimates, Hazardous Waste Handling Processes, Toxic Chemical Releases, and more so you can adjust your industrial waste management protocols accordingly.

  • Eavesdrop on the ECHO

One of the best ways to ensure that your hazardous waste disposal practices are up to par is to know what’s being done to your competition – or what they are doing.

A way to do this is through the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO). ECHO is a database that can be accessed publicly, and it includes EPA enforcement and compliance data.

ECHO gives you a convenient and comprehensive way to view violation, inspection, and permit information for enterprises and businesses involved in hazardous waste disposal. You can also view an individual facility’s record in connection to the Safe Water Drinking Act, Clean Air Act, and more. Finally, you’ll be able to see their violations according to type, date, and seriousness under EPA assessment.

“Listening” to the ECHO keeps you updated on what’s happening with your peers. Use the information correctly, and you can avoid making the same mistakes they did, and integrate their best practices to your advantage.

  • Remember that All Eyes Are on You

There’s a section on the EPA website called How To Report Spills and Environmental Violations that the average person can use to report perceived violations. They can report your company for reasons like:

  • Late-night dumping
  • Unpermitted industrial activity
  • Smoke and other emissions
  • Incorrect disposal, storage, and treatment of hazardous waste
  • And more

While the reasoning behind this section means well, it’s not unusual for citizens to report companies for doing something perfectly legal, but looks improper to the untrained eye. So what can you do to avoid getting hit by the EPA for mistake assumptions like these?

Get Expert Advice from Environmental Contractors

The most effective way to ensure that you’re doing everything in accordance with EPA guidelines is to audit every step of your hazardous waste management plan. Together with these online tools, having an experienced environmental contractor on your side will help guarantee that every single detail is done by the book and keep you out of EPA crosshairs.

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