If you love statement pieces, then a modern contemporary sofa should be on top of your list when you furnish or renovate your home. Get one from a high-end furniture shop in Los Angeles. Make good use of it by integrating it seamlessly into your interior design and keeping its look fresh with these smart furniture tips.

contemporary modern sofa

Contemporary Sofa Placement Tips

Seating placement has a huge impact on how you use and view a room, especially if the furniture involved is a focal piece. Consider these tips when you add your sofa to your home to maximize its function and visual appeal.

  • Pay attention to traffic flow. Sofas consume a lot of space, so their location will definitely affect the traffic patterns of the room. Add the fact that modern coffee table sets usually complement them, and you may have quite the placement challenge in your hands. Make sure people don’t have to walk around your sofa awkwardly to get around the room.
  • Take advantage of the room’s features. The ideal sofa placement varies depending on the space’s fixtures and conditions. Here are some of the best locations for huge seats:
    • Facing the fireplace mantle
    • In the middle of the room
    • In front of a door
    • In front of a window
    • Across from a window
  • Consider overall balance. Furniture must be scattered evenly throughout a room to maintain visual balance. It’s why huge, space-consuming seating always has something of equal density across them. Placing two statement chairs opposite your modern contemporary sofa should do the trick.

Contemporary Sofa Décor Tips

What you to do spruce up your modern contemporary sofa matters just as much as how you place them in your home. It’s how you make a statement with your piece. Get creative with your furniture with these décor tips:

  • Accessorize with a slipcover. Choose one that goes well with the current aesthetic of the room, but don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion. Select a soft, slipcover to make your sofa a more luxurious seat. For a truly unique look, experiment with different colors, patterns, textures, and styles.
  • Drape attractive fabrics on it. This is a great way to update the look of your contemporary sofa set without hiding its natural beauty. Choose textiles that accentuate the color and material of your sofa.
  • Decorate with pillows. If your sofa features a bold, solid-colored hue, opt for pillows with eye-catching patterns. If it’s a neutral shade, use vibrant cushions to add a pop of color on its surface. Mix pillow shapes and sizes to add variety to your arrangement. Invest in standard size pillows to make it easier to shop for pillowcases.

Bring Out the Best in Your Furniture Piece!

While a modern contemporary sofa is quite a sight on its own regardless of where it’s placed, it still pays to put in thought on its placement and décor. Keep these furnishing tips in mind. For excellent, long-lasting accessories that will surely go with your piece, visit the best furniture stores in Los Angeles!

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