Lawns, yards, pool surrounds, patios, porches, driveways, putting greens, and pet runs —artificial turf in Vacaville is perfect for various outdoor applications. However, did you know that you can also use it indoors?

Since it’s synthetic, it’s not bound by the conditions that natural grass requires for survival, such as fertile soil and abundant sunlight. This opens a ton of interior design possibilities using this verdant, versatile material!

Interior Design Tips Using Synthetic Turf

You can install artificial grass on just about any surface, from soil to wood and concrete. You can also place it on vertical and sloping facades. Get creative with your indoor installation with these artificial grass ideas:

  • Build an indoor golf area.

High heat, rain, snow, and other weather conditions put a damper on your putting activities. Never let such circumstances get in the way of your game again with indoor artificial grass putting greens in Vacaville! Place a modest strip in one of your more spacious areas or turn one of your spare rooms into a challenging golf course. Make sure the room you pick has no breakable valuables.

  • Turf up playpens.

Whether you use your playpen for your kids or your pets, you can’t go wrong with carpeting its general area with synthetic turf. Artificial grass offers a soft, slip-resistant, impact-absorbing surface. It’s also easy to maintain even when exposed to various types of spills and pet waste.

  • Enhance office spaces.

Are you tired of seeing scuff marks on your workplace carpet flooring? Want a less slippery alternative to tiles, marble, and wood decking? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, know that you can’t go wrong with choosing artificial grass.

Synthetic grass is tough, so it can accommodate furniture, shelving, and other bulky furnishings without getting damaged. It looks and feels like the real thing, doesn’t get slippery when wet, and stays green for years.

On top of these, artificial turf in Vacaville also brings the outdoors in, infusing spaces with a calming atmosphere and improving workplace morale.

  • Soften terrace or balcony flooring.

Turn your elevated outdoor spaces into an oasis with weather-resistant synthetic turf. You can use artificial grass to carpet or cover certain portions of their flooring. This way, every time you step out into your terrace or balcony barefoot, you’ll be greeted with soft, realistic turf instead of cold hardscape.

  • Break monotonous wall designs.

Use synthetic grass to bring drab walls to life! Create accent walls by covering them with the versatile green. For a unique look, consider cutting the turf into strips or squares and arranging them in alternating pile direction to add depth to your interior design.

Make a Statement with Synthetic Grass

Since grass is rarely used in interior design due to its upkeep requirements, adding it to yours will surely turn your home into one of the most unique in your neighborhood. Be the talk of the town by taking up these creative artificial grass ideas or making one of your own. For first-rate installations, invest in premium artificial grass in Vacaville, CA, from a trusted turf installation company!

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