A beautiful, vibrant lawn is often an elusive goal for most property owners. Many homeowners find it challenging to achieve because of the intimidating task of maintaining a natural lawn. Luckily, Pebble Beach putting green is becoming widely accessible throughout Southern California.

pebble putting grass

Why Choose Artificial Putting Green

Synthetic turf offers numerous benefits that every property owner in CA has ever hoped for.

  • No mowing, mulching, or watering
  • No fertilizers or pesticides
  • Pest- and dirt-free
  • Reduced expenses
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Kid- and pet-friendly
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Durable and flexible

Artificial grass is a sustainable alternative to natural turf. It is made from recycled materials, so you won’t have to worry about pests and weeds lurking on your lawn. In addition, it can withstand a high volume of foot traffic, allowing you to host events or display furniture without the risk of damage. Now, that’s well worth your money!

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass in Monterey

With its numerous advantages, it can be easy to give in and ride the bandwagon. But don’t jump into it just yet! Make sure you are making the right purchase by selecting only high-quality Pebble Beach putting green. Here’s how:

  • Consider its purpose

    Where do you plan to install the turf? Are you thinking of using it as indoor carpeting or as mini-golf course? Determining its purpose will aid you in selecting the appropriate turf type. For instance, Evergreen Artificial Grass is made of polypropylene fibers. This makes it look stiffer and denser, perfect for areas that receive high foot traffic, such as playgrounds. Shorter artificial grass types, on the other hand, are ideal for pet runs as they are easier to drain and clean.

  • Determine your budget

    How much do you plan to spend on your lawn renovation? If you’re on a budget, we highly recommend that you install Recycled Turf on pet scapes, courtyards, and other areas where you expect high traffic. Many companies offer recycled grass in optimal condition, for a fraction of the cost!

  • Layout your preferences

    Pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Monterey come in various style, height, color, and material. Be sure to consult with your local installer to determine which turf type suits your aesthetic goals and other lawn requirements.

More Tips for Your Next Artificial Grass Purchase

The best artificial grass in Monterey can be well within your reach if you know what to look for. Keep these tips in mind for your next turf purchase:

  • Ask suppliers for a free sample to get a look and feel of the product.
  • Compare prices and materials to get the best deals.
  • Go for a realistic-looking turf rather than a plastic look.
  • Make sure to ask for a full breakdown of the expenses.

Enhance Your Lawn Experience with the Right Synthetic Turf!

Pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Monterey can be a life-saver for those who do not have the time and money necessary for maintaining a natural lawn. Are you ready to experience the many advantages of synthetic turf? Contact your trusted installer today to get your lawn project started!

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