Folks outside South America might not have heard of tepezcohuite yet. But to those who are already familiar with it, its medicinal uses like healing wounds would initially surface minds.

In fact, this was one of the common tales told by Salma Hayek when she made headlines about her beauty regimen. Despite entering fifties, Hayek has retained her youthful skin and vibes. In her interviews, she said that tepezcohuite is an ingredient included in her beauty products, helping her keep a radiant skin. This testimonial of Hayek, indeed, added power to the claims that this ingredient is a good choice when it comes to anti-aging regimens.

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How it Works

The healing property of tepezcohuite that Hayek used to speak of during interviews was made possible because of its stimulation fibroblasts, which produce collagen. Collagen has been the hype of anti-aging products because it is the protein that keeps human skin intact, elastic, and youthful. With lesser collagen, skin would become saggy and flakey.

When to be Mindful of Collagen

Being mindful of collagen in skin is important as people age because of body’s decreasing ability to produce the protein through time. That is why the use of products like the ones with tepezcohuite becomes part of people whose age is starting to reach crucial point for collagen generation.

Aside from exploring this regimen, people who want to reverse visible signs of aging in skin might also want to complement it by getting rid of some habit that affect collagen production. As mentioned earlier, body’s ability to produce collagen decrease as people age; hence, getting rid of habits that would decrease it further, while taking in collagen-boosting products will hasten your age-reversing endeavors.

Reduce the Sugar and Quit Smoking

Sugar may not be so sweet after all when we talk about aging. This is because sugar can hasten collagen degradation. Meanwhile, over 400 tobacco smoke chemicals cause collagen damage. Aside from damaging collagen itself, smoking can also deplete vitamin C, which is also a collagen stimulator. In a way, smoking could act like a double whammy for skin care habits, if not cut sooner.

Trying Tepezcohuite

Choosing to start skin care with tepezcohuite should not be that difficult. Despite it being prolific in plants in South America, this ingredient is now incorporated in cosmetic products like tepezcohuite cream and other forms like lotion. These products, consequently, are available worldwide; thanks to shipping that brought this South American-rooted regimen to anyone who would like to try it.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

To ensure quality skin care products, scrutinizing the manufacture is an important thing to do before spending any buck. Visiting manufacturer’s website can come very handy to make sure that what you will rub on your skin when you buy their products are at par with the good standards.

While not mandatory, product updates in a website could be a good sign that the manufacturer is doing its job in being transparent to its patrons. Possible contents of the product updates are changes in product labels, and to some extent, corrections to mistakes in product labels.

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