These days, hiring virtual staff is more ubiquitous than ever before. Having a virtual assistant can help in lessening hours from your usual work week, for the most part.

However, determining which of the tasks to delegate can prove a chore, especially when starting the business. While normally you would get them for administrative work akin to a secretary or executive assistant, they now have varying ranges of expertise, making the task of choosing harder. Also, there is the matter of building trust with them, as with a permanent employee. But once you are able to establish a system, and know for sure what to assign to your remote assistant, it feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Without further ado, here are the top outsourceable virtual tasks:

    1. Bookkeeping
    Having to keep watch over bills and other similar duties is one of the easiest tasks to give. A lot of small businesses share bookkeeping systems with the virtual staff, who can then follow up on invoices and bill that have yet to be paid. Of course, you may also need to give them access to accounts via passwords so make sure you polish that aspect out.

    2. Online Research
    Doing the dirty work of Internet research can be assigned to virtual assistants. The most in-demand requests are information on corporate websites, looking at new products, and checking on potential employees or contacts for business. As always, make sure to send clear instructions, plus temporary login details so that the virtual employee can access paid websites or specialized search tools.

    3. Database Entries
    Keeping a database current is suited for virtual assistants, whether they need to update the existing contacts or inputting new business cards. Choose an assistant who has done this work before to lessen errors, and be clear to them about your expectations for this.

    4. Data Presentations
    Having an assistant turn raw data into a slide presentation, or organizing research via word document software can save a lot of time when preparing for company meetings. A suitable person should have a strong background with the related software.

    5. Email Management
    A virtual assistant can help filter the most significant emails, and respond to the remaining ones on your behalf. This saves you from wasting time in your inbox. While email management is easy to do remotely, you also need to guide your staff to pick out the key email and ask your assistant to copy you so that errors can be minimized.

    6. Scheduling
    Since there are many scheduling software tools online, your virtual assistant can manage the calendars of your clients. You can ask the assistant to deal with meeting invitations from other people, schedule an appointment with a client and helping to plan an event.

    7. Social Tasks
    A virtual assistant could be counted on to make holiday cards and thank you notes for clients. In this manner, businessmen don’t have to go through this time-consuming exercise, while still being able to maintain good rapport and relations with clients through their remote staff.

You’re All Set!

Once you’ve covered all bases, you are now ready to hire a virtual assistant online. There are a plethora of these organizations offering staff. Make sure you narrow it down to organizations with the most reliable pool. Those which require their staff to undergo special training and seminars should be a priority, just to assure you of quality service.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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