Moving your team to a new workplace takes a lot of time and resources to carry out. You’ll need to pack your office furnishings, deliver them to your new location, and set them up —all without disrupting your business operations. Timing and organization are crucial throughout the process. New Jersey movers recommend these smart tips to stay on top of your workplace move.

Tips to Mobilize Your Team for the Big Move

While expert movers can complete most relocation tasks with little to no supervision, that doesn’t mean that you can take a completely hands-off approach to your big move. There are some things that are best handled by you and your employees. Mobilize your team for the big move to speed up the relocation process with these tips:

  • Keep your team in the loop about the relocation.

The moving date isn’t the only information that your employees should know the office relocation. Keep them updated about major developments, especially if the events can affect their workplace dynamics or business operation.

For instance, when will the break room equipment be boxed and shipped to the new office? What time will the movers come over to dismantle and prepare the furniture for delivery? Is there a chance that the Internet connection will fluctuate when certain electronics are turned off for transfer?

Make sure everyone in your team is informed about such developments to avoid issues.

  • Assign tasks to your team.

If you’ve already hired expert movers, there’s no need to designate major packing tasks to your employees. However, there are some things that only certain members of your team should handle.

For example, only your human resources staff will have the knowledge to organize employee records and other confidential documents. Hence, they should be the ones responsible for packing such paperwork. Meanwhile, it’s best to let your employees handle the packing of the files and belongings they keep in their desks. Ask them to name and label their boxes for easy identification. Create a timetable to track your team’s task accomplishments.

Is your team done packing, and you’re starting to run out of space for their boxes? Secure storage facilities in Princeton, NJ to avoid cluttering up your current workplace.

  • Take some of your employees to your new office location.

It pays to have several perspectives about where furniture, shelving units, equipment, and other furnishings should go in your new workplace. If you have a huge company, take the managers or leaders of the various departments with you when you examine the new location.

Compare the floor plan of the new office to the old one with your them. Determine the best furnishing placements for optimal accessibility with consideration to their department-specific requirements and preferences.

  • Ask your team to coordinate with your New Jersey movers.

You may not always have the time to act as a mediator between your employees and moving company, so instruct your team to coordinate with your movers. Task managers to monitor their department’s task accomplishment progress and keep your movers updated. In turn, ask your movers to talk to managers before moving or packing anything in the office.

Stay on Top of Your Workplace Relocation

Stay in control of your activities, equipment, and materials when moving to a new office location.  Plan early and select the best moving company in New Jersey to transport and secure the things that need relocation to a new office!

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