“Are you planning a winter wedding? Read the blog to know how you can keep the chill at bay and make the ceremony a memorable one.”

“Winter is coming.” If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, or not, you are surely familiar with this phrase by now, thanks to media and fanatics. But when I am saying this here, it is not meant to make you feel the chill of the fear but to make you excited. After all, this winter, you have planned to tie the knot with the love of your life! No matter whether it is a grand ceremony or a closed-door reception, this is the celebration of the union of two lovers, two souls till death do them part. So, this has to be special and perfect.

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Now, with a winter wedding, there are many challenges too. You cannot organize an outdoor wedding due to the exposure to the unbelievably chill of Houston. Also, you need to think of the warmth and comfort of your guests too so that, even in a winter evening, they can enjoy your wedding without any hindrance. So, you can understand planning such a ceremony won’t be a child’s play. So, here, I am going to give you some tips that will help you sail smoothly through the planning while keeping the chill at bay and make the wedding memorable for everyone. Take a look.

Choose One Venue

Often couples choose two venues, one for the ceremony and the other for reception. However, in winter, there is no need to book two venues for the event. Instead of two places, book one so that you or your guests don’t have to look for proper transportation in such weather. Also, you won’t be exposed to the extreme chill if you are looking for single halls.

Go Indoors

Don’t plan for an outdoor wedding. If you are thinking of getting married in the lap of nature, then maybe wait for summer. But in winter, it is better that you organize the whole event indoors. From the ceremony to the reception, everything should be in the warmth of a classy wedding hall. You will not only save your guests from the bites of the cold air but also the bride and the bridesmaids will be happy to get rid of the bulky stoles and flaunt their stylish dresses with panache. The coziness of the hall will help you make the event more cherished.

Plan a Theme

Are you thinking that the wedding is going to be really boring? Don’t worry. Even when you are planning it indoors, it will be all playful and cheery. There are various themes that you can use for the decoration and the setting of the hall. When you are looking for banquet halls in Houston, talk to a wedding planner or research on the themes for winter. Check with the decoration team of the venue so that they can take care of this part for you. This way you don’t have to worry about the arrangement too.

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Hot Drinks and Food

Since all your guests are feeling cold anyway, plan a spread with the catering team of the venue beforehand. Generally, all reputed wedding venues in Texas boast on their own catering team that is adept to handle such events. Talk to them and arrange for warm drinks like spiked or non-spiked hot chocolate, frequent coffee and of course vintage wine. Choose the food that will offer the comfort and the warmth in chilly evenings. Remember, food and drink are two important parts of the celebration and in a winter evening, they will help to set the mood.

So, now as you know about the ways to make a winter wedding a happening one, what are you waiting for? Book the venue, call the teams and the planner and start planning right away. Thank me later!

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