For complicated dental problems, a basic dentist won’t cut it. You would need to get the help of an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA. But you may ask yourself: is there a difference between the two? Also, how would you know if your case requires oral surgery? This post will address your concerns.

How a Dentist and an Oral Surgeon Differ

A dentist, by definition, provides basic care for the teeth, gums, and jaws. If you need your teeth filled, a tooth crowned ,or a root canal constructed, a dentist can do that for you.

Oral surgeons can also do the things dentists do. But they spend more years in dental school, making them more capable of harder tasks concerning the oral regions.


Below is a list of instances wherein you would require an oral surgeon:

  • Removing impacted, diseased teeth. While removing teeth is associated with dentists, oral surgeons are the ones better equipped to handle these situations. They also administer sedation and anesthesia while doing it.
  • Putting in dental implants. Oral surgeons can assist cosmetic dentists in the placement of dental implants in Mission Viejo. In addition, they can help recreate bones needing implant replacement.
  • Curing facial trauma. Serious accidents can cause damage to the face. Oral surgeons could repair minor lacerations, fractured jaw and facial bones, reattach severed nerves, and take care of other injuries.
  • Remove cysts and tumors in oral area. Oral surgeons are properly trained to handle life-threatening instances, such as cysts and tumor in the mouth and jaw.
  • Curing facial pain. Oral surgeons take charge if the pain occurs in the concerned region. They can request for an x-ray image of the joint, and make corrective jaw surgery of nonsurgical procedures fail.


Guidelines in Choosing an Oral Surgeon

Deciding on an oral surgeon is a sensitive task. You need to follow a process to get the oral surgeon you desire.

  • Identify the problem. Do you need cure for a cavity, or a tooth to be pulled out? You need to choose depending on the issue you want addressed. Most dentists are oral surgeons too, so you will encounter little difficulty when it comes to this issue.
  • Recommendation from a friend. Selecting help from a trusted person gives you confidence in your decision. It is very likely that you have had friends who’ve undergone surgery before. Ask them detailed questions, so that you can prepare yourself completely.
  • Experience and background. When searching for an oral surgeon’s background, check their qualifications. Choose the one that has the most experience regarding your procedure.
  • Board Membership. Check if the oral surgeon is part of an accredited board. You would trust an expert in the field compared to a neophyte, and this is true even for your oral surgeon.

For Oral Surgery, Make an Informed Choice

Unlike your usual trip to the dentist near Laguna Niguel, visiting an oral surgeon requires a lot of thought. So make sure you allot time for this decision. As long as you pick a certified and experienced specialist, your oral surgery should be in good hands.

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