Have a spare coffee table, but don’t want to give up the one in your living room? Your modern coffee table sets don’t have to be confined to the living room. There are actually many ways that you can use this amazing piece of furniture. You just need to think out of the box, and be creative in your approach.

Creative Uses for Your Coffee Table

Make your coffee table more than just a piece of furniture in your living room. Here are some ways you can repurpose your coffee table:

  • Use it as a workstation

You can do paperwork on your coffee table and use it as a kind of mini-desk. Set a table lamp on one side and a pen holder on another. Position a small accent chair in front of it. Make sure the chair you use does not require you to slouch, so that you will be comfortable.

  • Use it as a gaming desk

A medium-sized coffee table is perfect for board games cards.  Place stools at the sides so that each player will feel comfortable as they take part in the game.

  • Use it as a book display shelf

If you want to display your books, having a display shelf by using your coffee table will help immensely. Use the table for either an eclectic set of books or an old encyclopedia set. Place bookends on each side. You can also use objects like woodcarvings as book stoppers to add character.

  • Use it as an arts and crafts table

Convert your coffee table into a furniture piece for your children to practice arts and crafts on. Place a box full of pencils and crayons on one side, and colored paper on the other side. Use this as an opportunity for the kids to practice their imagination.

  • Use it as a mini snack/tea table

If your modern contemporary sofa already has a complementing coffee table, use the extra coffee table for a casual dining room. Add cushions to the seats to make it more inviting and comfortable.

  • Use it as a collection display piece

Aside from books, coffee tables can also be used to display personal artifacts. Find a hallway in your room and place your table there together with the artifacts to serve as a focal point. Anything from a mini treasure chest you got from a craft shop to a figurine from your out-of-town vacation will work well for this display.

  • Use it for your home entertainment system

If you have a flat screen TV, and have extra space under your set, you can place your DVD player and speakers right over the coffee table. If the table has drawers, you can use it to store DVDs and TV cables. You can also place a rug underneath it for extra decorative value.

Show Your Coffee Table Some Love

Your coffee table is much more than just a companion for a contemporary sofa set. It may turn out to be the most versatile furniture piece you have. With a bit of imagination, you can give it more purposes than you ever thought possible!

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