Green artificial grass in the photo Studio. On the grass in pots and artificial fruits.

Tired of maintaining your lawn? Artificial grass in Kansas City offers a beautiful, lifelike alternative to natural grass at a fraction of the stress and hassle of the real thing. Aside from yard cover installations, this versatile material also lends itself well to numerous creative applications around the home.

5 Unique Uses for Artificial Grass Around the Home

The low-maintenance yet realistic nature of synthetic turf makes it an excellent material for greening up spaces that are not habitable for real grass. Go beyond the yard and make your home an evergreen haven with these ideas:

  1. Create a garden on your rooftop.

Natural grass and rooftop decks don’t mix due to the weight of the soil and inadequate allowance for drainage. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add green to that space. Kansas City, MO artificial grass can be applied on concrete surfaces. It looks and feels almost exactly like natural grass, so you can have your very own Zen space on your roof.

  1. Put up an indoor putting green.

You don’t need acres of land or a membership to the local golf club just to practice your golf skills. All you need is some space in your basement or any free area in your home. Invest in high-quality putting greens, and you can set up a miniature golf course.

Artificial putting green grass is specially designed for optimum ball roll, and your synthetic turf installer can customize your mini course to the exact specifications of your space.

  1. Beautify your driveway.

A bare driveway can quickly drag down the curb appeal of your landscape. Install artificial grass in the areas of your driveway that don’t receive direct traffic, such as its pathway or strips of its paving. The addition of synthetic turf will soften up all that concrete and tie up the aesthetics of your property.

  1. Cover the recreation room floor.

Freshen up your recreation room by replacing the carpet with synthetic grass in Kansas City! Unlike fuzzy carpets, artificial grass is resistant to spills. It’s also tough enough to handle rough play and support furniture and gaming tables without sustaining damage. Better yet, it provides a soft surface to land on in case of accidental trips and falls during play time.

  1. Set up a dedicated dog run.

Want your pooch to have lots of outdoor time, but you’d also like to keep certain areas of the lawn off-limits? Give your dog their very own play space with artificial grass.

Pet-friendly synthetic turf has a porous backing that facilitates drainage for urine. It’s also durable enough to withstand the impact of excited paws. Personalize the area for your furry friend by adding features like an obstacle course, a chewing and digging corner, and other canine amenities.

Explore the Possibilities with Artificial Grass

With quality artificial turf and an experienced installer by your side, your imagination is the limit when it comes to greening up your home with synthetic grass. Explore your installation options. Schedule a consultation with your local synthetic turf installers today and discover how you can improve your home and landscape with artificial grass in Kansas City!

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