Gyms in Van Nuys give people the chance to exercise and get in shape. People from all walks of life visit these gyms to work out: lawyers, doctors, fitness enthusiasts—and especially, theater actors.


How Working Out Can Help Improve Theatrical Performance

Being on stage can be physically and mentally demanding. Not only do you have to focus on remembering your lines for the play, you also need to move around the stage in different paces; sometimes dance as well.

Working out in gyms around Sherman Oaks is a great activity to do when you want to improve your physical prowess on stage. If you’re wondering how this can help with your overall performance as an actor, consider these benefits working out can bring:

  1. Improves Range of Motion
    Choreography can take a toll on the human body if one is not properly prepared. If you’re thinking about improving your skills as a dancer, working out may be your best option. It helps improve your body’s range of motion and allows you to execute any dance move, easy or hard.
  1. Improves Stamina
    Plays and musical productions can last for hours, even multiple shows in a span of weeks or months. As an actor, it’s important that you have enough stamina to make it through all the runs of your shows, especially if you happen to be the production’s lead. This is especially important if you’re part of a musical production or even an opera.
    Gyms offer a wide variety of exercises that can help improve your physical stamina. Consider doing the following exercises on your next visit to the gym:
    • Stair Climbing
    • Jump Rope
    • Weight Lifting
    • Cycling
    • Swimming
    • Basketball and other sports available
    The more you work out for stamina, the more energetic you are on stage. If you are in a musical production, you’ll also find that your voice has become more refined and modulated, perfect for sustaining those high notes and hitting them on the spot.
  1. Helps with Teamwork and Chemistry
    Chemistry is a critical factor in theater. With proper teamwork and chemistry, synchronization between two actors or more can be observed in many scenes, especially in musical performances. Here are two ways to improve your teamwork with your fellow actors on stage:
    • Hire a personal trainer in Sherman Oaks and observe how they work with you and how they motivate you. Try to apply that with your fellow actors and see how it improves your relationship on and off stage.
    • Another great activity to boost your team chemistry is to do a team workout. After or during training, you can go ahead and run some lines together while doing sets. You can even take the chance to rehearse complex choreography together in the gym.

Hone Your Craft at the Gym!

There are a lot of works involved in being a stage actor. With the choreography, stage blocking, and even stunts to a certain degree, theater actors pour their blood, sweat, and tears in every production.

If you wish to dedicate yourself to the performing arts and hone your craft as an actor, visit the gyms in Van Nuys! Keep your body in shape and get through every scene, trials, and tribulations the stage

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