Huawei has been at the forefront of a tech media firestorm in recent times. Following its addition to the US Government’s “Entity List” which prohibits it from buying products from American businesses, Google stopped providing Huawei with its solutions. To answer the Play Store dilemma left by Google’s withdrawal, a Huawei and Aptoide collaboration is reportedly in the works.

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What Their Collaboration Can Mean

Google cutting ties with Huawei doesn’t leave the Chinese titan without an app store. Huawei has its own app store called “Huawei App Gallery.” Compared to Aptoide, which hosts over 900,000 Android applications, the Huawei App Gallery’s app base is small. Their team-up may involve adding Aptiode’s content to the Huawei App Gallery.

While Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos has confirmed that they are working with Huawei to replace the Google Play Store, nothing else has been finalized.

Why Aptoide is a Great Alternative to Google Play

Aptoide is one of the most popular marketplaces for Android applications after Google Play. Catering to over 200 million users, it was designed to be an alternative for Google Play Store. In addition to providing a wide selection of mobile application, it offers free versions of the apps that Google carries for a fee. Their difference doesn’t end there.

Here are other features that set Aptoide apart from Google Play:

  • Free Apps for Download

All the apps offered by Aptoide, premium or otherwise, are available to all users for free. This is in stark contrast to Google Play, which offers premium apps for a price.

  • Reverse Updates

Aptoide provides reverse updates that allow users to return to a previous version of an app they downloaded. It’s a useful feature, especially if the updated version isn’t to your liking. Reverse updates also allow users to set their own standards for the apps they use.

  • International Access

Unlike Google Play, Aptoide has no regional restrictions. This makes it more accessible to international users—a definite advantage to Huawei phone users worldwide. This also helps in downloading apps that are not available in other countries, making for a more inclusive experience.

  • Free App Publication

Anyone can publish an application on Aptoide for free, giving every developer a chance to share their creation. Developers who want to publish their app on Google Play, on the other hand, must pay $25 to open a developer account.

Can Huawei Make a Comeback after the US Blockade?

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Recent tech news show that Huawei is not going down without a fight. Not only is the Chinese tech giant going for a Huawei and Aptoide collaboration, but it also launched a new Android phone series. The “Honor” line flies in the face of the Trump ban. Featuring two new top-spec phones, “Honor” aims to dominate the cut-price premium phone market worldwide.

Aside from these solutions, Huawei reportedly has other contingency plans for the Trump ban. It’s highly likely that its local sales in China won’t be affected. The same, however, cannot be said about its international sales in the coming months. Experts say that only time will tell if Huawei will sink or swim from this setback.


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