With their minimalist designs and neutral colors, pieces from modern furniture stores are always a great buy no matter the price. However, not all homes share the same design, and contemporary pieces can stick out like a sore thumb in old homes. This should not discourage you from buying such furniture. In this post, we will learn how to make these furniture pieces spark flair into your home.

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Modern Furniture Techniques

Because of its simplicity and flexibility, modern furniture looks great in any space. Here are the ways you can maximize its use for your own home:

  • Include Patterns in the Layout
    Mid-century modern types of furniture include curved lines and edges that add personality to any room. This can be made even better by putting contemporary patterns in the upholstery. Apart from the upholstery, add some pillows that featured these distinct patterns. Be careful not to overdo it, or the room may appear too bright and fancy. Just add in some stripes or dots for that needed kick to your room.
  • Go for Color Variation
    Some contemporary style rooms have earthy colors like gray, brown, black, and white. Although they are safe colors, some people may find it a bit cold and uninviting. To give it some flair, place a mid-century piece and make it a focal point. If you have ample space, get a sectional sofa with a non-neutral color such as red, green, or blue. This will instantly be the center of attention in a room full of grays and beiges. Your guests will think of it as a nice contrast to the room’s overall mood.
  • Add Mid-Century Lighting
    If you want an all-modern ensemble for your room, but want to give the look a little more flair, use accessories such as lighting to highlight the mid-century look for the room. With a mid-century inspired chandelier, you give a room dominated by modern pieces a unique personality.
  • Put in Some Vintage Accessories
    When designing your room, remember that it’s still yours, and not part of any catalog. Therefore, you want to include items that give you joy.Now is the time to put those artifacts and trinkets from souvenir stores to use. Include them as décor for table tops, especially for console or side tables. Whether it’s a ship on a bottle, or a miniature of the Empire State Building, display it in areas where they can attract the most attention. In the process, you’ll be able to create a room that’s uniquely your own.

Modern Love

More importantly, you should always have a sense of fun in decorating your house. The more passionate you are about the project, the more you’ll know what’s best for you.

Mid-century modern pieces from the best furniture stores in Los Angeles will be at home in any house. However, how to maximize these pieces to create a wonderful space highly depends on you. With an open mind and a head full of imagination, you can fit in these handy furniture pieces in your own humble abode!

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