Cisco Certified Network Associate—or CCNA security training is one of the most essential lessons for anyone wanting to get into this profession. In the crucial field of information technology, having networking knowledge is an advantage, and CCNA education can open limitless doors for you.

In this article, you will learn more about the advantages of getting CCNA Security certification, and the things you have to look for in a CCNA Security training center.

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Reasons to Get CCNA Security Certified

Recently, Cisco created CCNA Security certification to give IT professionals a faster path to security specialization. It was also done to give noted networking professionals a way to make their careers better through security knowledge and skills. Here are just some of the advantages of getting CCNA security certified:

  1. Gives access to a networking career

In a recent research by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Cisco skills make up 97 percent of skills required by employers. Having a Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification gives you the foundation to not only land a fulfilling job; it also equips you with the capabilities to manage real-life networks that are vital to businesses.

  1. Keeps you up-to-date on network evolution

Network infrastructure is slowly transformed by digitization. This has allowed the establishment of a software-driven network architecture that is focused on automation, virtualization, cloud service management, and open architecture. In line with these changes, network engineers and IT architects are needed to keep up with these fast-paced developments in the industry.

  1. Allows you to stay ahead in the workplace

Having a CCNA Security certification allows a network professional to acquire skills necessary to develop security infrastructure, spot threats, and lessen security threats. It puts emphasis on core security technologies, installation and troubleshooting of network devices to keep the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices. It also gives you a headstart on integral IT concepts such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) from the very beginning.

With the numerous possibilities certification presents, you should seriously consider it if you want to get ahead in the business solutions field. Remember, IT services and solutions are fast-paced  and continuously evolving. However, once you learn BGP in the Philippines, as well as other networking and IT management concepts, it prepares you for a profitable and fulfilling journey in network architecture.

Your Cisco Training Center Checklist

With the perks that come with CCNA security training, it is something IT professionals and network engineers have to consider learning. If you’re looking to get topnotch CCNA training in the Philippines, here are some criteria you need to look out for in the training center:

  • Pacing of the classes and lectures

Learning should be done at a smooth and controlled pace. Knowledgeable and well-trained instructors can help you digest the technical lessons slowly and surely. With a limited number of people in the class, the instructors can convey well the lectures to every person, and make sure everyone catches up accordingly.

  • Coverage of CCNA exam topics

Knowledge about the topics that will be included in the CCNA security exam is necessary. Be sure to select a training center that provides sample exams to evaluate how much the students have learned.

  • Balance of lecture and laboratory sessions

Relying on pure theories about Cisco won’t prepare you for the real world as much as practice with real Cisco equipment. A good training center will have its students using real enterprise level equipment, making the experience closer to an actual network setup. The setup must include the following equipment:

• Routers

• Switches

• Wireless

• Security

Train with a Certified Cisco Center

Cisco and CCNA training will not only help you enrich your knowledge and improve your skills in networking; it will also get you far in business solutions and open opportunities for career growth. Make sure you start on the right path through certified Cisco network training in the Philippines. Remember all the points discussed above to ensure you get into the center that will provide you with complete, high-quality training.

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