Seeking bee removal near Los Angeles is an instant thought once you begin to encounter a swarm near your area. Of course, you want to keep your neck of the woods at all times. But before you dive in, you have to know a few things.  

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In this post, we will detail to you the things you have to be aware of when dealing with a bee’s nest in your home.

  • Know what bee – or wasp – you’re dealing with

Bees or wasp may appear the same to the untrained eye.  Before making a drastic choice, always remember that Google is your friend. For example, wasps, bumblebees, and yellow jackets do not create big nests or travel in big swarms and can be identified at once.

  • Know the length of time they’ve been there

One of things the bee removal specialist will ask is where the bees have originated. As they can be anywhere, it is essential to find out where they are coming from. Also they will be asking the make of the wall: is it concrete block, wood siding, or a dry wall. This will allow them to identify how much it will cost to get rid of the bees.

  • Examine your options for taking out the bees or wasps

Once you’ve gone through the whole process, you should now decide on which action to take. At this stage, your options are to either to plug the holes, eliminate the bees, or remove the colony.

• Plugging holes

This option can work at times; however trapped bees will resort to another way in or out, or they can just settle at the house.  But if you block the entrances, there would still be honey comb in the walls.

Getting an Exterminator

Exterminators usually don’t bother with killing bees, nor will they take out the honey or honeycomb just in case.  The bees will usually die from the spray, and the bodies stand in the entrance. When the spray get gets off, the hive members that remain will usually regroup.

• Remove the colony

This is the most “humane” of the options offered. In this option, the bee remover will take out the comb that has honey and/or bee larva, and put in the beehive box’s frames.

• Take out all traces of the hive

Once the bees are all gone, clean up behind them. Bees would usually leave behind residues that would attract other animals and insects. So that there would be less problems, take out the honeycomb that remains, repair the walls that have been damage and seal the points where the bees entered.

Avoid the Sting of Bee Damage

Having a bee problem shouldn’t daunt you; all you need to do is relax, breathe deeply, and leave the hard tasks to those who can handle it. Fortunately, there are a ton of bee removal services and wasp exterminator near me to carry out the operation with ease.

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