Laser eye surgery cost is one of the most crucial factors to consider when undergoing an eye correction procedure. This is because LASIK is one of the most expensive surgical procedures, but also one of the most fulfilling. It’s better to invest in correcting your vision in the long term than to always wear bothersome glasses or contacts. However, you should also be able to judge between a reasonable surgery, an overly costly procedure, and a cheap yet risky eye operation.

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Let’s take a look at what factors into every eye procedure, the things you need to ask your doctor, and the approach to financing your eye correction.

Breaking Down the Cost of LASIK

The average cost of LASIK is $2,199 per eye. To determine if you’re getting your money’s worth, you need to know the fees that go into this cost:

  • Visits Before and After Operation

Pre- and post-operation costs are indicated in the billing.

  • LASIK Technology Fees

These fees include license fees from the manufacturer, including licensing fees for the WaveFront Technology (used for custom cornea correction) and for the laser and bladeless fees.

  • Fees for Various Lasers

In light of various lasers used to reshape the cornea, you have to check if the cost of your surgery is affected by the laser used for your surgery. Clarify with your ophthalmologist the pros and cons of using each laser.

  • Facility Fees

These include the costs of doing the operation in the center, such as utilities used and building administration fee.

  • Staff Fees

These include payments to the staff involved in the operation. The cost of the surgery is also influenced by the surgeon’s expertise, with more experienced surgeons charging more.

  • Other Costs

These include medication, surgical gowns and gloves, and other disposable equipment used during the procedure.

Keeping tabs of these costs gives you a better picture of where every cent you spend goes. Verify this information with your eye clinic for a better understanding of your upcoming procedure.

Questions to Ask Regarding LASIK Surgery

Before consulting with your eye doctor or LASIK surgeon regarding your procedure, you need to clarify several things with the clinic. Here are the questions you need to ask before investing in eye correction:

  1. What are the particular components of your surgery cost?
  2. What technology are you using in your LASIK procedure?
  3. How many post-operations are included in the costs?
  4. Are prescription medications and temporary glasses included in the cost?
  5. Is it possible to request a breakdown of the costs?
  6. Do you have references or testimonials from other patients?

Asking these questions will lessen your anxiety regarding the costs of corrective eye surgery. It will also guide you in choosing the most cost-efficient option for your procedure.

Paying for the Eye Correction Procedure

Once you have an idea of all the costs that go into eye correction surgery, you can proceed to deciding on how to finance your procedure. Here are the things you must consider:

  • Check with your insurance agent regarding the coverage of your plan.

LASIK is not usually covered by normal health insurance. Nevertheless, check with the insurer if it is possible to cover a part of the cost. LASIK usually have partnerships with insurance carriers, which could entitle you to a discount on the procedure. If your coverage does not include laser eye surgery, check if complications from the surgery are covered.

  • Look at the surgeon’s financing options.

Laser eye surgery centers usually give many options to finance your procedure. Apart from cash, check, and credit card payments, many LASIK centers also offer healthcare financing programs such as Care Credit and Vision Service Plan.

Get Eye Surgery Quickly and Efficiently

Getting eye correction surgery doesn’t have to be expensive. Research as much as you can regarding the matter, and consult with both professionals and friends. In this manner, you don’t only get the best LASIK or cataract surgery in Los Angeles; you also get optimal financing for your surgery.

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