Being a single parent isn’t easy—and to manage a career and a child is already a grave situation. Family solicitors in London can be the key to making things work for single parents—here’s why and how.

Why Trust Family Solicitors for Single Parents

Family Solicitor in NewspaperFamily solicitors are qualified experts that provide legal advice and support to their clients. Clients will come to them with a set of instructions for solicitors to take, after which they provide advice on necessary courses of action for their clients to take. This works especially well with family law, where certain conditions can be a bit complex for single parents. One condition regarding family law that can get a little complex at times is custody of the child or children. Usually when parents divorce, or because of other circumstances that may affect the child in any way, there arises a battle for which parent gets custody of the child. With the complexity of family law, seeking help from family solicitors from Bristol is important. This also works especially for single parents who are struggling in raising their children due to personal reasons.

How do Family Solicitors Help

Here’s how family solicitors can help single parents raise their children:

  • Legal Advice and Counsel

Family solicitors work to provide all the legal advice parents need for the family, especially in terms of divorce proceedings. With the help of a family solicitor, certain matters such as physical and legal custody terms, visitation rights, and the overall welfare of the child can be addressed.

  • Damage Control

The term ‘damage control’ has been used primarily for PR-related concerns and media law, but it can also work for family law. In the event that a single parent is involved in a public crisis that may affect the child and the family, family solicitors can offer counsel for them and help work through the issue.

  • Legal Dispute Dissolution

Divorce has often resulted in legal disputes between the spouses, which is why a family solicitor is there to help single parents who may need to dissolve some issues between their spouses. They can present some terms to be agreed upon by both parties, as well as the division assets shared by the spouses before the divorce or separation.

  • Division of Assets

Family solicitors can also work with the family’s last will and testament, especially for single parents. They can help parents name their executors and beneficiaries for the will, as well as divide any properties and assets you may have among your named executors, including your children.

Get Help from Family Solicitors

Family solicitors for London and Bristol families can help a lot of single parents out there. Consider the benefits they can provide for you, and you and your children won’t have to worry about anything.

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