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Is your yard covered with top-quality artificial turf in Manteca? If so, you don’t need to look far for the perfect venue for your get-togethers this holiday season.

Synthetic turf is party-ready all year round with its lush looks and realistic feel. It can also accommodate excessive foot traffic, heavy equipment, and numerous furniture without getting damaged.  You simply cannot go wrong with holding your holiday bash on these gorgeous greens!

Parties on Synthetic Grass: Dos and Don’ts

While artificial grass is sturdier than its natural counterpart, a few precautions will help you keep it pristine and damage-free during the holiday frenzy and beyond. First, keep the following must-dos in mind :

  • DO clear off leaves and other natural debris off the turf. Use a broom or a leaf blower instead. Make sure to sweep the surface thoroughly to get rid of tiny debris from the spaces between grass blades.
  • DO give the entire area a good rinse. If your synthetic lawn doubles as a pet run, make sure to pay special attention to your canine’s favorite pee spots. Wash them with a soap and water solution to get rid of lingering smells.
  • DO brush up your synthetic lawn. This will help spruce up the turf and keep its grass blades upright. Pay special attention to frequently walked on areas. Use a small brush with synthetic bristles to avoid damaging the artificial grass.
  • DO place tables, chairs, and other party furnishings on the artificial grass. Don’t bother finding light outdoor furniture. Synthetic turf is sturdy enough to accommodate heavy weights without getting damaged.
  • DO invest in games that you can play on artificial grass. Backyard artificial grass putting greens in Manteca is a great example. You can use it to give your idle friends a fun pastime or hold a friendly holiday competition on it. Talk to your local installers to discover other games that you can play on artificial grass.
  • On the flip side, there are some things you should never do if you want to keep your synthetic lawn in top shape. Note the following:
  • DON’T use a metal rake to get rid of leaves from your turf. Not only will it fail to remove the small debris nestled between the grass blades, but it can also damage the synthetic turf irreversibly.
  • DON’T worry about puddles and flooding. The built-in drainage system of artificial grass in Manteca will take care of it. Let the sun dry the area naturally once you’re done rinsing.
  • DON’T allow guests to smoke on the synthetic lawn. While synthetic turf is more resistant to fire compared with natural grass, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely invulnerable to heat. Continuous contact with high heat can make it melt. If you have guests that smoke, designate a smoking area somewhere far from your artificial grass.
  • DON’T use décor that involves staking the turf. Otherwise, you’ll seriously damage its backing and compromise its overall functionality. Take care of your artificial grass, so you can continue using it as a holiday venue for years to come.

Turn Your Turf into the Perfect Party Venue

Make the most of your synthetic grass landscape’s party potential. Follow these dos and don’t to get your artificial turf in Manteca ready for your holiday festivities.

Still have live grass on your lawn? It’s never too late to make the switch. Get in touch with your local synthetic turf installer today to transform your yard into a luscious, party-ready, low-maintenance landscape!

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