Getting artificial turf is a precious investment, so you need to know as much as you can about it before you purchase or secure anything. Consult with your artificial grass supplier and installer in Santa Rosa. Ask questions and clarify steps to ensure the success of your grass installation project. In doing so, you’ll have a worry-free landscape that maximizes the numerous benefits of synthetic turf!

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Important Questions to Ask Your Synthetic Grass Company

When constructed well, your artificial landscape will have many advantages over a natural lawn. You no longer have to water or mow the grass, saving you time and money on upkeep. You also don’t need to worry about the lawn’s longevity, as it is covered by a warranty that can last up to a decade!

Clarify concerns with your installer to avoid issues during the project. Here are some crucial questions you should ask your synthetic turf installation company:

• What types of artificial turf do you provide?

Most kinds of synthetic grass are created with a specific purpose in mind. Ask your installer about their turf selections.

Do they offer ones with long blades for lush backgrounds? How about medium-blade grass that can serve as an artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa? Do they have turf options with extra short blades for putting greens and bocce grounds? Find out the answer to these questions before making your choice.

• Is your turf non-allergenic and non-toxic?

Artificial grass technologies have erased the stigma that synthetic turf is made of hazardous materials. High-quality artificial grass is composed of recycled plastic and features a soft, realistic feel. Most types are even non-allergenic, providing a safer surface for pets and people with allergies.

• Are you flexible with your designs?

Can they create any kind of landscape with your turf choice? Experienced installers can customize landscapes and get them right on the first try. To make sure you are getting the right installer for your grass project, check out their portfolio. They’re the best choice if they have experience with various types of installations.

• Do you have products for artificial grass upkeep?

Your landscape will look better if you use turf-specific tools and products for maintenance. Ask your artificial grass supplier and installer in Santa Rosa if they have any related offers. Do they have a special turf deodorizer or a customized broom that can sweep the grass without damaging it?

• What types of infill do you have?

Consider your synthetic turf company’s infill options. The infill makes up 90 percent of the overall weight of the whole installation, so you need to pick the best one for your project. It will ensure that your grass fibers remain upright and help drain the water efficiently. There are also varieties of infill that are anti-microbial, which can prevent pet odors.

Talk to Your Installer to Ensure a Stunning Landscape!

Get artificial turf that matches your dream outdoor space. Don’t hesitate to ask your supplier and installer any questions or concerns you may have about the project. Invest in the best synthetic grass in Santa Rosa for top-quality results!

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