Got some unused extra space in your home? Turn it into something spectacular for family and guests by creating a game room! With a little know-how and some contemporary living room furniture, you can easily create a space that’s all about fun and relaxation for all ages.

Living Room Game Room

What’s your recreation style?

Before going all out with your game room project, consider your entertainment preferences. If you have several gamers in the family, the design should focus on video games with comfy couches, adjustable lighting, and media unit placement.

On the other hand, movie buffs might be happier with a rec room that reflects a home theatre. You can also do a combination of what each family member likes so that there’s something for everyone.

Tips for Designing a Game Room at Home

Follow this guide to create the ultimate recreation room everyone will love spending time in:

  • Make room for the table.

A table is one of the most important aspects of your recreation room – you’ll use it for drinks and snacks, playing board games and puzzles, and other activities.

Measure the room to make sure there are enough space around the table for people to move around, sit down, and extra space for gaming units like Foosball or billiards if you’re planning to bring those in. Not enough square feet for a regular table? Coffee tables and storage benches will work just as well!

  • Invest in an entertainment unit.

Create a media hub inside your game room with an entertainment unit from high end furniture stores in Los Angeles. This is where you can place the television, gaming consoles, and other gadgets. Got a bookworm in the family? Set aside some of the shelves in the unit for their books so they can reach for their favourite page turners anytime they want.

  • Carve out activity areas.

Cater to everyone’s interests by incorporating different areas for different activities. For example, set aside one corner with a small table and chairs just for playing cards and board games. Designate a quiet spot for arts and crafts, or a comfy nook for book lovers. If the room is big enough, you can even lay down a yoga mat or exercise bike for a fitness space.

  • Have lots of seating.

Rec rooms are all about relaxation, so provide plenty of seating for everyone to lounge around. Sectional sofas are a great choice for game rooms because they can be arranged in different shapes to accommodate various activities. Get a versatile ottoman or two to serve as a footstool, table, or seats.

Take your cue from luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles – invest in high-quality pieces for long-lasting comfort, build, and aesthetics.

  • Design with light and sound in mind.

Game rooms benefit from having several light sources, especially if you’re using the basement. Use overhead lighting for ambient light, and combine wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps so that people can adjust the lighting as needed. For the sound, remember that game rooms can become noisy, and a thick area rug can help improve soundproofing.

Enjoy the Best Game Room Ever

Once you have the basic furniture in place, it’s time to get creative. Consider adding a home bar to your game room for grown-up game nights. Ask the kids to help with painting the walls and encourage them to use their imagination. The key to making an awesome game room is to have something for everyone for maximum bonding and fun.

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