Everyone dreams of having an interior designer style their home, but the reality is that most of us will have to pull off this project on our own. What if you could shop and arrange your contemporary living room furniture the way the experts do it? Beautify your home like a pro with tips straight from designers themselves!

Interior Design Tips from Real Designers

Measurements, color combinations, and lighting  – get these three elements right, and designers guarantee an aesthetic and functional home. Some of these tips can be applied during the furniture shopping stage, while others once you’re ready to start arranging.

comtemporary decor

Let Measurements Lead the Way

No matter how good a piece of furniture looks, you’ll instantly regret it if it doesn’t fit in your home. Avoid this issue by:

  • Applying the rule of three – Three is the magic number when it comes to interior design. Grouping pictures, vases, cushions, and other pieces into odd numbers creates great visual interest by encouraging the eye to move around the display.
  • Split it into 70/30 – Choose one style for about 70% of the room, then finish the 30% with a totally different style. This introduces both balance and character to the space, such as when using a traditional/contemporary pairing.
  • Leave about 45 cm between furniture – 45 centimetres is the ideal distance between chairs, sofas, coffee tables, and other living room furniture. It allows space to move around and talk without having to strain or raise your voice.

Master Your Color Combinations

Color is not just about aesthetics. It also has a serious impact on the vibe and energy of the room. Get it right with these advice:

  • Check the color wheel – A must-have tool for designers, the color wheel will help you choose hues that work perfectly together.
  • Go with 60/30/10 – Proportion is a critical element of color, so keep your dominant shades to 60%, secondary colors at 30%, and accent colors at 10%. This gives each color a chance to shine without overwhelming the others.
  • Be bold with dark – Got a dark room? Don’t rush to paint it something lighter. Embrace it by utilizing rich and deep hues to create a dramatic effect. Add contrast with layered lighting and a few bright accents.

Lay On the Lights

Reach the full potential of your home by paying close attention to lighting:

  • Incorporate several lighting types – Having just one source of light will make the room look and feel flat. Explore high end furniture stores for accent lighting, mood lighting, task lighting, and overhead lighting, then combine them for maximum effect.
  • Use dimmer switches – Hit two birds with one stone: instantly transform general lighting into mood lighting with a flick of the dimmer switch.
  • The right height for pendant lights – For living rooms, hang pendant lights around 2.4 meters from the floor for even light diffusion.

There you have it! The best part is that these pro-tips will work not just for the living room, but you can also apply them when arranging dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, and luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles. Get started with your DIY interior design project today!

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