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Yes. Having competitive SEO services is definitely a must in 2019.

Why On-Point SEO is STILL Crucial in 2019

Whether you love it or you hate it, SEO will remain a major player in the digital marketing industry. Here’s why.

  • SEO is not dead. It is dynamic and progressive. No matter how many industries thought leaders predict or declare its passing, it shows no sign of stopping its development.
  • SEO is not limited to links and keywords. This is one of the common misconceptions that fuels the “SEO no longer works!” mentality. SEO doesn’t just involve link building and keyword optimization. It also entails promoting value and consistency in every online venture you accomplish—from your website’s layout to its contents. It’s why any SEO service provider worth its salt now offers varied optimization solutions to their clients.
  • There are currently hundreds of ranking factors in Google algorithms. And, it’s highly likely—if not certain—that more will be introduced in the future. If you want your brand to shine online, it’s imperative that you cater to as many factors as possible. It’s the only way to compete in this cutthroat industry.
  • SEO link building will continue to be one of the top factors that affect website ranking. Google itself confirmed this.

Given these points, you definitely can’t get complacent with your SEO campaigns. Not if you want to stay ahead of the competition at least.

How to Ramp Up your SEO Campaigns

Aside from maintaining the quality and consistency of all your online ventures, the best way to make your SEO campaigns more effective is to cater to the latest digital marketing trends. Here are some of them.

  • Maximized SERP Features – Organic ranking isn’t the only reliable way to raise your traffic. Integrating relevant SERP features, such as snippet highlights and knowledge panels, into your website is another effective method. Emphasis on the word “relevant.” Incorporate features that are just right for your users and target audience, and you’ll be able to pique (and sustain!) their interest.
  • Mobile-first IndexingGoogle started migrating websites to the mobile-first index since March 2018. So, it’s imperative that you ensure the mobile version of your website is optimized well.
  • “Linkless” Backlinks –These days, unlinked mentions of your brand matter just as much as linked ones. Keep this in mind when you create content.
  • Voice Search Optimization – According to Google, 40% of adults and 55% of teenagers rely on voice search every day. That’s how much you’ll potential clients you’ll miss if you don’t optimize your content for voice search.
  • Faster speeds – Yes, Google considers your website’s speed when ranking it. So, make sure everything runs efficiently regardless of what browser or device your website is being viewed from.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure your SEO campaign can compete with the best this year. Secure quality and up-to-date SEO services from a top web solutions company, if you don’t have or have yet to obtain the expertise essential to catering to these trends!

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