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On average, the cost of artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA is around $5 to $20 per square foot. This might sound steep; however, the question you should be asking is how does this translate into an ROI for your home?

The Cost of Artificial Grass Installation vs. Its Long-Term Benefits

Money Magazine and both agree that one of the best property cost booster is a well-kept garden. Experts go on to enumerate garden features that can add the most value to your property.

Top on the list is a decent-sized shed, followed by patio or paving, then by secure and sturdy fences or gates. Fourth on the list is artificial grass with 40% of the interviewed experts considering it as one of the most important assets of a home.

With a host of other choices in the horizon, you had to ask, why choose artificial grass? If a shed or a fence would do the trick just as nice, or even more, why go through the trouble of shifting to artificial turf (if you are still using natural grass) and doing the landscaping, just to improve your property’s value?

It’s all about the cost.


  • Artificial grass pays for itself. 

    You read it right. The best artificial turf in Modesto can pay for itself, and more, when you count the return of investment. According to Robert Du Toit, managing director at, a poorly kept garden can negatively affect a property’s value and drastically decrease its cost.With artificial grass, you might spend a pretty sum on the face during installation but if you look at the bigger picture, your synthetic turf can last you a good 10 to 20 years! By that time, they would have paid, if not more, for what you have spent to get them. Add to that, artificial grass is no longer limited to the outside.

  • Synthetic turf applications are expanding. 

    Many people commonly think of remodeling as doing major work in landscaping and doing improvements in the kitchen, bathroom, and even adding a new swimming pool. Because of this, more and more homeowners are beginning to look toward expanding the reach of the artificial grass industry in their homes.More than just improving your backyard, synthetic grass is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool of an interior design. More floors are being covered by synthetic grass instead of expensive hardwood or carpet. More walls are being converted into hedges with artificial grass instead of wallpapers or boring paint. The color of interior design is slowly becoming greener and greener.

  • Green is not just a color. 

    Properties with artificial grass have an added appeal to homeowners looking for more environment-friendly dwelling areas. Since artificial lawns significantly decrease the need for water, they have become more attractive in a draught-conservative environment. Get a home with an artificial turf installation combined with a landscaping of rocks and draught-tolerant fauna—then you have a sure-seller!


Even if you are not yet looking to sell your new home, you should recognize the inherent value of having an all-artificial lawn. It would not be a surprise to see an increase in artificial putting greens in Modesto as the advantages of synthetic turf slowly come into popularity. Be one of the first! Install yours NOW!

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