Should you right before spending time in a portable sauna? This is an important question, since how much you eat before your sauna session can significantly affect the whole experience. Learn the answer to this common question, and discover the best times to use a sauna below.

sauna eating right

What’s better: Entering a sauna or a full stomach or an empty stomach?


Going to the sauna is a lot like going to the gym or playing sports. It’s best to do it when you’re not too full or too hungry. Here are some things that happen to the body when you use a sauna after a big meal or when you’re starving:

  • Using a sauna on a full stomach:
  • Confuses the body

The high temperatures inside the sauna force our bodies to use up energy in order to cope with the higher heart rate and increased circulation. On the other hand, our bodies also need a lot of energy to digest food. When you enter a sauna right after eating, the body gets confused as to where to allocate that energy.

  • Interferes with cool down

Due to the stress of not knowing where to focus energy, our bodies find it hard to stabilize after using the sauna. Instead of getting hydrated when we drink water, it can make you feel nauseous, bloated, or cause you to throw up.

  • Using a sauna on an empty stomach:
  • Makes the body unable to cope with heat

Do your burn calories in a sauna? Yes, sometimes up to 300 calories in one session. When you’re hungry and you don’t have enough calories to burn, you’re prone to crashing because you’re pushing your body to work hard under hot temperatures without proper nourishment.

  • Interferes with cool down

Because your body doesn’t have enough energy to function well, you may feel dizzy and weak after your session.

The Best Times to Use a Sauna

To keep your sauna sessions safe and pleasant, try scheduling them around these time frames:

  • Morning – after getting proper sleep, your body has already recovered. Given that you ate a good meal the night before, entering a sauna early in the morning is a great way to feel refreshed and ready for the day.
  • Late afternoons – once you’ve digested your lunch, you’re now in that sweet spot between not being too full but not being hungry. Afternoon sauna sessions are a lovely way to slow down and take time for mindfulness in the middle of a hectic day.
  • Evening – if you want to go for an evening sauna session, make sure to have your dinner earlier than usual. Spending time inside your portable far infrared sauna during night time helps you wind down and encourages high-quality sleep.

The bottom line is to treat your sauna session like your treat exercise. Make sure you’re properly nourished and not hungry, and never overeat right before a session. Finally, always bring plenty of water to ensure a pleasant and safe time at the sauna.

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