Contemporary dining sets are not strictly for the eating area anymore! Now you can place any piece of furniture in any room regardless of its function.  Just like a coffee table in a dining room, or a sectional sofa in a bedroom, there are ways to make a piece of furniture blend in a totally different space.

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Designing 101: Using Dining Sets for the Living Room

The strength of a dining table lies on its appearance. Think out of the box and fit your dining table in the living space with these hacks:

  1. Layer, layer, layer.

Many people think that with a small space, less is more. However, this isn’t always true. If you have to put in a dining table in your living room, consider layering the furniture to maximize the space. For example, round table will perfectly fit the space between a tall bookcase and a shorter desk drawer set perpendicularly from each other.

  1. Block the windows.

If you have a sliding door or large window in your living space, don’t be afraid to block it with your dining set. For instance, you can place a small bench in front of the balcony door just in front of the table to make for more seating and different aesthetic

  1. Make a separate dining space with rugs.

If you have a studio type living room and want to emphasize the dining area, you can do so by setting a rug under your contemporary dining set. Doing this adds a bit more color to the room, making it more interesting.

  1. Utilize compact chairs.

Instead of selecting heavy seating that will expand your table’s outline, select chairs from a modern furniture store near me that will occupy minimal space. Rolling chairs are a perfect example of such seating. They tuck right into the table and make an impact with their unique appearance.

  1. Capitalize on the décor.

If your living room goes directly into the kitchen but has a small wall divider, use that divider as a basis for your sub-dining space.  You may also place a chandelier over the dining table, and put a mirror just in front of the table. Lastly, squeeze in a small cart in the corner to maximize the space.

Give Life to Your Living Room with Contemporary Dining Sets!

With the right dining table, you can decorate your living room in a way you never thought possible. Add some office furniture in Los Angeles, and you’ll be able to come up with a room that has a flavor of its own. Your guests will even be impressed with how every detail in the living space go together well.

Remember, don’t be afraid to try something new when it comes to furniture decoration —go with your gut and perception. You’ll be surprised that you created a wonderfully unique living space for your family and guests.

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