It’s easy to get carried away when you browse websites that sell Ralph Lauren wallpaper. The selections are beautifully diverse and, before you know it, you’re bookmarking a couple for purchase. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with saving some links for references. Just don’t jump the gun and hit “buy now.”

Consider the things discussed in this article first. They are essential to ensuring that your wallcoverings would not only be aesthetically appealing but also be perfect for the rooms they’re intended for. Those who forget them often end up having issues during hanging. So, don’t disregard them when you search for your Ralph Lauren fabric wallpapers.

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  • The Room Involved

Here are the questions that you need to answer in line with this consideration:

• What is the purpose of the room involved? Is it the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.?

• What are the exact dimensions of the room? Or, at least, what are the measurements of the walls that you’re going to cover?

• How many windows does the room have? How big are they? Are they major light sources of the room or are they only there for aesthetic purposes?

• What are the primary light sources of the room?

• How humid is the space?

Some of these questions may seem like impertinent to your wallpaper selection. But, they’re not. The humidity of the room, for instance, has a huge impact on its wallcoverings.  If the moisture is constantly high, the fabric wallpapers will absorb it. The water can accumulate and cause the surface warping or damage.

  • The People Who Are Going to Use the Room

Yes, they’re also an important consideration. Who uses the space and what do they usually do in it? The answer to this question would narrow down your Ralph Lauren wallpaper options.

For example, toddlers use the room regularly. Considering the mischief that they can get up to and what that means for your walls, delicate and high-maintenance are a no-go. The same goes if you have pets.

  • The Furniture in the Room

Taking note of the content of the room involved (e.g., furniture, scattered knickknacks, general theme, etc.) should be your number one consideration when picking the color and pattern of your wallpaper. It’s the best way to ensure the wallcovering you pick would aesthetically match your space.

  • The Material of the Wallpaper

Vinyl coated fabric is a popular choice. The vinyl surface makes it more durable compared to other fabric-based textiles. Grasscloth, a textured hand-woven material, is another crowd-pleaser. It’s unique but not that sturdy against water, stain, and wear.

Opt for the material type that best suits your space conditions. For example, if the wallpaper is going to hang in a room where water is not uncommon (e.g., bathroom and kitchen), it’s best to stick to vinyl coated fabrics.

  • The Wallpaper’s Thread Count

The thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher it is, the more durable and long-lasting the material is. So, choose ones that have a high thread count. Most Ralph Lauren wallpaper merchandisers provide this detail in their products’ descriptions.

What’s the point of putting up authentic Ralph Lauren fabric wallpapers if they don’t go well with the room’s purpose and aesthetics? You’ll only set yourself back a significant amount. Make sure the wallcovering you pick is perfect for your space by considering these things before purchase.

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