Bride and groom are playing golf at wedding day

Golf courses offer everything you could hope for an amazing wedding — a breathtaking view, relaxing ambiance, and stunning greens. There are so many reasons golf courses make great wedding locations. Use artificial putting green in Tracy strategically, and you have a celebration that is sure to stun every guest.

Putting Green Installations for Your Big Day

Your big day will not be complete without the right wedding decors. Spice up your golf course wedding venue with these creative tips and ideas!

  1. As wedding carpets
    Artificial turf flooring is the best way to achieve your dream golf course wedding. Order it in your motif or favorite color for a dramatic effect. The best synthetic grass in Tracy comes in a variety of colors and pile options, perfect for wedding events.
  2. As stage wall surrounds
    Your wedding reception doesn’t have to delve away from your golf theme. Use putting green in Tracy as stage wall surrounds and decorate it with colorful ornaments or your couple pictures. Synthetic turf creates a unique backdrop while still achieving your golf-themed wedding.
  3. As a table runner
    Yes, you read it right. Even your table can have a touch of greens using low-maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy. Artificial turf serves as the perfect table run as it avoids slippage, ideal when the party gets wild.
  4. As wedding reception flooring
    Synthetic turf can also function as temporary flooring in wedding venues. Have it installed on the gazebo to avoid slips and falls for when the crowd gets crazy after the wedding.

Make your dream golf course wedding come true with these artificial turf hacks. Your decors don’t have to be limited to the venue. Explore these turf design ideas for your big day!

More Reasons to Use Artificial Turf for Your Big Day

The best synthetic grass in Tracy can be used in various installation projects — but not only that. It also comes with numerous advantages that will surely give the most bang for your buck!

  • It is weather-resistant.
    Your dream golf course wedding will not be put into a halt even if it suddenly rains on your big day. Artificial turf comes with a proprietary drainage system that will easily drain the water down into the infill. All you need is a roof cover, and you’re good to go!
  • It does not track mud and dirt.
    Worry no more about tracking dirt on your wedding dress or burying heels on the soil. With low-maintenance synthetic grass for pets in Tracy, you can rest assured that your shoes and clothes will remain dirt-free throughout the occasion.
  • It has versatile applications.
    Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using artificial turf for your big day. Use it however you like to achieve your dream golf course wedding!

Explore the many other ways you can use synthetic putting green grass to your advantage. Contact your wedding coordinator and local turf installer today to make that dream wedding possible!

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